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  • 1. What events are included in the LOOP Safari Gravel Series?
    The LOOP Safari Gravel Series comprises elite challenges for professional cyclists, scenic joyrides for enthusiasts, and casual routes for leisure cyclists.
  • 2. What are the different packages available?
    We offer four different packages: Race Only at KES 1,500, Race and Dine Package at KES 2,500, the Ultimate Race Experience at KES 3,500, and a Family Adventure/ Spectator package for kids and spectators at KES 500. Each package includes specific amenities catering to different preferences and needs.
  • 3. What is included in the Race Only Package?
    The Race Only Package (KES 1,500) allows cyclists to secure their pass and join into the competition
  • 4. What is included in the Race and Dine Package?
    The Race and Dine Package (KES 2,500) not only enables the cyclist to join the race but also to fuel up with some Lunch that will be provided.
  • 5. What is included in the Ultimate Race Experience?
    The Ultimate Race Experience (KES 3,500) includes a race pass, lunch, and exclusive LOOP Zone access.
  • 6. Are there packages for kids and spectators?
    Yes, we have a kids’ package at KES 500 per child, which is tailored for families and kids. This package allows participants to access the race village. Spectators are allowed in for free up to a capacity limit of 1200 individuals.
  • 7. Can I bring my family to watch the event?
    Absolutely! The Family Adventure/ Spectator package allows entry to spectators to the race.
  • 8. Who are the sponsors for the LOOP Safari Race Series?
    We are proud to have the support of our event sponsors. For detailed information on sponsors, please check the official event page [link to the home page] or contact our event organizers.
  • 9. When and where is the LOOP Safari Gravel Series taking place?
    The first event is scheduled for Sunday, 4th February 2024, at Tatu City. The race starts at 08:00 AM and concludes at 06:00 PM. The subsequent events will happen in Coast, Rift and Hell’s Gate throughout the year.
  • 10. How can I register for the LOOP Safari Gravel Series?
    Registration can be completed online through our official website here. Select your preferred package, provide the necessary details, and get ready for an exhilarating cycling experience in the heart of Kenya.
  • 11. What are the route options available?
    There are three routes cyclists can select from. These are the 20LOOP which is 20KM, 60LOOP which is 60KM, and the 120LOOP which is 120KM.
  • 12. What is 20LOOP?
    The 20LOOP route is designed for the weekend warriors and those who love a leisurely ride. It is an opportunity to enjoy the open road surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts. It includes 1 lap of 20 KM.
  • 13. What is 60LOOP?
    The 60LOOP route is designed for the cycling adventure, tailored for enthusiasts who seek a perfect blend of excitement and exploration. It includes 1 lap of 20 KM and 1 lap of 40 KM.
  • 14. What is 120LOOP?
    The 120LOOP route is designed for professional cyclists, meant to push your limits, celebrate your endurance, and offer an unforgettable journey through breathtaking landscapes. It includes 1 lap of 20 KM, 1 lap of 40 KM, and 1 lap of 60 KM.
  • 15. Can I rent equipment for the race?
    We recommend participants bring their own bikes and equipment. However, if you do not have your own bike, or you are not able to bring your own bike, bikes and equipment will be available for hire.
  • 16. What safety measures are in place during the race?
    Safety is our priority. We have medical support, route marshals, and first aid stations strategically placed along the course. Detailed safety guidelines will be provided to participants.
  • 17. Is there a cut-off time for completing the races?
    Yes, each race category has a designated cut-off time. Participants are encouraged to check the event schedule for specific timings and plan their races accordingly. However, individual routes do not have cut off times.
  • 18. Can I transfer my registration to another participant or get a refund?
    There is no refund policy. However, registration may on a case-by-case basis be moved to a future event in the series. Please review our terms and conditions here or contact our support team for assistance.
  • 19. Will there be facilities for bike maintenance at the event?
    Yes, we will have a bike maintenance station at the race village. Participants are however advised to ensure their bikes are in good condition before the race.
  • 20. How can I access the race results?
    Race results will be posted on our official website shortly after the event concludes. Participants can also receive real-time updates through our event communication channels.
  • 21. Are there training programs or clinics available for participants?
    While we don't provide specific training programs, we offer helpful tips and resources on our website. Participants are encouraged to follow a training regimen suitable for their chosen race category.
  • 22. Can I purchase additional event merchandise or upgrade my package on the day of the event?
    Limited event merchandise may be available for purchase on-site. Package upgrades are subject to availability; please inquire at the registration desk on the event day.
  • 23. Will there be restaurants and food courts available at the event?
    In case your package does not include the meal option, there will be restaurants available at the race village where you can grab a meal.
  • 24. Will there be prizes for the winners of the race?
    There are prizes available for the winners of the different races. Check out the prices page here for all the prizes available.
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